FR: les médias / les media

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  1. Anglo1 Member

    Strictly (and rather pedantically) speaking, can one say "les média". As it comes from the Latin medium, for which the plural is media, it doesn't seem right or necessary to add an 's', when the 'a' at the end already signifies that it is plural.

  2. Gérard Napalinex

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    Yes, one can.
    And using what you know about words does not necessarily make you a pedantic speaker :)
    Still, to the ignorant, knowledge can be seen as pedantism (that's pedantic for good ;))
  3. Eve_ New Member

    English - Australia
    That would be pedantry ! ;)
  4. WME Senior Member

    But if you want to be pedant, you'll be making a fool of yourself if you use the accent in the latin version.

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