FR: lest they should become very worried


I'm having a bit of trouble with the end of the following sentence:

I want to translate:

she explained that she would send them an email after she landed lest they should become very worried

elle a expliqué qu'elle serait leur envoyer un e-mail après avoir débarqué de peur qu'ils ne deviennent très inquiets?

Merci d'avance.

  • Oddmania

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    In French, it's uncommon to say devenir inquiets. Devenir usually implies a slow process : devenir un homme, devenir un monstre, devenir un homme d'affaire réputé, etc...

    In English, you say to get worried, to get banned, to get paid, to get caught,... very often, but devenir wouldn't sound idiomatic in French. We usually use a reflexive verb : s'inquiéter (se faire bannir, se faire payer, se faire attraper,...) peur qu'ils ne s'inquiètent is okay, but I think afin qu'ils ne s'inquiètent pas (inutilement) would sound slightly better :)
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