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Manger (du) camembert

I understand that you should say "boire du lait", correct? Does the same apply to the sentence [above]? And why is that?
Thank you so much in advance!
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    Yes, it's here a partitive article. In a nutshell, it means: "(to eat) some camembert?". See: "(to drink) some milk".

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    In French, nouns are seldom used without a determiner. You need a determiner most of the time, unlike in English for example. The question is then to choose the right article: definite, indefinite or partitive. :)

    to eat camembert ↔ manger du camembert
    to drink milk ↔ boire du lait
    to love chocolate ↔ aimer le chocolat
    to have children ↔ avoir des enfants
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