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hey pleas help me..
mon amour or ma amour? is it ma infront of the every word ment for a girl and mon infront of every word ment for a boy?
when do you use ma and mon? whats the different? is it ma cheri to a girl and mon cheri to a boy?

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  • The general rule is that 'mon' is masculine and 'ma' is feminine. However, if the following word begins with a vowel, you must use 'mon', to break the hiatus, even if the word is feminine. Thus:

    mon chéri and ma chérie
    but always mon amour
    Sorry! I think I've just given you the right answer, but the wrong reason! :eek:

    The simplest explanation is that 'amour' is a masculine noun. It doesn't matter whether it refers to a man or a woman. :eek:
    Outsider is right amour is masculine.
    What he said about nouns that begin with vowels would apply in other cases like
    with the word amie (girlfriend)
    mon amie.
    A guy would generally say ma chérie to a girl and, on very rare occasions, mon chéri
    A girl would always say mon chéri to a guy and never ma chéri. It wouldn't make sense.

    Chéri being a masculine noun (when not an adjective), ma chérie is a tolerated and quite usual "incorrection".
    Just to clarify the general rule for Christa:

    Mon is used when the noun you are talking about is masculine, even if you are a female. So, mon livre, mon chat.

    Ma is used when the noun you are talking about is feminine (except for the exceptions above). So, ma pomme, ma chatte.

    Mes is used when the noun you are talking about is plural. So, mes chats, mes pommes.

    I just thought perhaps a final clarification might be needed.