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How do you say...

My name is... = je m'appelle...
Your (singular) name is...
His/Her name is...
Your (plural) names are...
Our names are...
Their names are...

I know how the sentence works, but am not sure what to replace the "me" for the "je" form for each pronoun.
  • Johanne

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    My name is... = je m'appelle...
    Your (singular) name is... Tu t'appelles
    His/Her name is... Il/Elle s'appelle
    Your (plural) names are... Vous vous appelez
    Our names are... Nous nous appelons
    Their names are... Ils s'appellent


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    The English structure: I am ___. is now calqued in French.
    I am John. = Je suis Jean.
    instead of
    Je m'appelle Jean.
    This is probably due to television.

    multae gentes

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    I would not say that ... except maybe when trying to say something simple to a foreigner.

    There is another situation : when you meet somebody who knows your name, but not your face. "Je suis Jean" would be fine if you meet him for the first time.
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