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Quick question regarding the masculin/feminin aspect of certain questions on an application.

For example, for an American guy, should he put américaine under the "nationalité" question because the word is feminine?

I've never seen a French guy write "francaise" for nationalité, so that's why I'm hesitating on this one. Any input would be appreciated.

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  • RocketGirl

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    Regardless of the word "nationality"'s gender, I would say :

    'américain' for an American male

    Edit: Come to think of it (and after reading the above post by jhemono), all Canadian men whose passports I've seen read "Canadian/canadienne" as their nationality. I remember thinking someone goofed the first time I saw that... Guess it must be me who goofed ...



    I am a guy and in my passport, under nationalité, it says CANADIENNE as opposed to CANADIEN(NE). This made me wonder what I gender I use in forms when prompted for nationalité or "nationalité du document (de voyage)." Thanks for any assistance.


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    Actually, it simply agrees with "nationalité", which is feminine, regardless of your gender.
    Ta nationalité est canadienne, et toi, tu es canadien :)

    So it should be written:
    nationalité : canadienne

    no need to even know your sex ...

    Does it answer your question? (sorry, I'm not quite sure I have)


    Hey there, I am just checking something here. Even though I am male, I should still write Nationalité finlandaise in the context of a CV as nationalité is feminin?? Where as I would say Je suis finlandais when speaking directly about myself.


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    How about:

    Nationalité: Finlandais

    I know it's not the answer you wanted but I hope it helps.


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    Yes, nationalité is a feminine noun. You will therefore write finlandaise, even if you're simply filling in a space marked "nationalité" (the latter case being something I found a little disconcerting at first!)

    We write neither "nationalité finlandais" or "nationalité : finlandais". It's a feminine adjective in both instances.


    Ok, thanks for the answers!

    I noticed that Guilhem had written "Finlandaise" with capital F.
    What's the deal with that in French? F or f?


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    Je suis en train de remplir un formulaire mais je rencontre un petit probleme. Moi, je suis Australien, cependant il me demande la 'nationalite', est-ce qu'il faut mettre Australien, vu que je suis un homme, ou faut-il ecrire Australienne pour etre grammaticalement correct?

    Merci bien de votre aide!


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    Si vous êtes un homme, vous êtes australien (faites attention à la capitalisation ou pas en ce cas). Australien est un adjectif, donc il faut le mettre en minuscule. Alors, si on vous demande, quelle est votre nationalité, vous dites, je suis australien.


    c'est un cas un peu litigieux, car si on fait les phrases en entier, on dit sans aucun doute :
    Je suis Australien.
    Je suis de nationalité australienne.

    Mais dans les formulaires, tout dépend la phrase qu'on sous-entend en réponse... Je pense que la réponse grammaticalement correcte est
    Nationalité : australienne
    Mais j'ai plus souvent vu écrit Nationalité : Français. Ce n'est pas choquant.


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    Hi there,

    This is just a question about gender. In a form, in the box marked Nationalité should I put anglais because I am male or anglaise because it should agree with nationalité??

    Do native speakers ever get confused by matters like this?


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    As a native I have always been confused and I have historically answered français to avoid being ridiculed by my classmate.
    I still answer français out of habit even though I am now quite secure about my sexuality!


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    Well it's reassuring to know with French people get confused Doodlebugger.

    To Keith though, what if somebody identifies themselves as English rather than British, for the two are quite different of course. I really don't mind either way but I am sure there are Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish people out there who would much sooner put Ecossais(e) etc than Britannique!


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    Southern French

    Nationalité française
    Sexe féminin (in my case :D)

    J'ai la nationalité française ("française" agrees with "nationalité), tu as la nationalité anglaise ou britannique.
    Je suis français(e). Tu es anglais(e).
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    Maître Capello

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    N'ayant pas ce problème puisque l'adjectif suisse est épicène, je ne m'étais jamais vraiment posé la question. Cela dit, les deux accords peuvent se justifier pour un homme. En effet, il s'agit de répondre à la question Quelle est votre nationalité? Or un Français pourra y répondre soit par Je suis français, soit par Je suis de nationalité française

    Keith Bradford

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    ... what if somebody identifies themselves as English rather than British, for the two are quite different of course...
    We've had this discussion on another thread only 2-3 days ago. You may identify yourself any way you please, but your nationality in law depends on the nation authorised to issue your passport etc.

    So if you're asked your nationality (legal status): British = britannique.
    If you're asked how you identify yourself (sociological/cultural status): English/Welsh/Manx/Sikh = anglais/gallois/mannois/sikh and so forth.
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