FR: nous ne l'acceptons pas

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  1. Theo Shih New Member

    Hello everyone,
    The pronoun in French is really difficult for me.
    I know that 'le' can replace the group of words which is COD of the verb,
    for example, J'aimeraís vous revoir. Je le souhaite vraiment (le -> vraiment vous revoir)
    and 'en' can replace the group of words which is followed by 'de',
    for example, ll faut que tu m'expliques ! J'en ai besoin (en -> J'ai besoin que tu m'expliques)

    But why "Nous n'acceptons pas de travailler plus sans gagner plus" should be rewritten as
    "Nous ne l'acceptons pas" instead of "Nous n'en acceptons pas"?
    Can someone help me please!
  2. Oddmania

    Oddmania Senior Member


    This is an interesting question! :)

    I think it's due to the verb accepter. We do say Accepter de faire quelque chose, but we say Accepter quelque chose (not accepter de quelque chose). Thus, it must be Nous ne l'acceptons pas.

    Souhaiter quelque chose → le,
    Avoir besoin de quelque chose → en,
    Accepter quelque chose → le,
  3. Theo Shih New Member

    Ok, I see.
    Thanks a lot
  4. Fred_C

    Fred_C Senior Member

    You must consider the nominal object : «Accepter quelque-chose» does not require a preposition.
    As a rule, if the object of a verb is an infinitive clause, it is very often introduced with a preposition (either de or à, depending on the verb), but this does not mean that the object is indirect.

    Compare in English : I need something (no preposition) and «I need to do something». The «to» does not count, does it ?
  5. Maître Capello

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    French – Switzerland
    It doesn't, but in English, it is really part of the infinitive. In other words, the (full) infinitive in English is to do, not just do. On the other hand, in French, de or à are true prepositions and are definitely not part of the infinitive itself.

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