FR: Nous, nous refusons de le recevoir


English - United States
Confused on disjunctive pronouns--

In a sentence such as:

____, nous refusons de le recevoir.
Is it accurate to say,
"Nous, nous refusons de le recevoir."

I understand that pronouns like moi, toi, eux, etc. are used frequently but I'm just not clear on how.
  • jann

    English - USA
    "Nous, nous refusons de le recevoir." :tick:

    Perfect. This means "We refuse to..." with spoken emphasis on the word "we" when you say the sentence in English.

    The disjunctive pronouns (also called "tonic" or "emphasis" pronouns) are moi, toi, lui/elle, nous, vous, & eux. You can read about how they are used here. :)
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