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  1. Nocciolina Senior Member

    I would like to know whether, when listing items in French, the articles should be included. For example:

    Nos services TI comprennent: (la) gestion des correctifs, (les) coupe-feu, (les) logiciels antivirus, (la) protection contre les logiciels espions...etc.

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  2. you shall put all of the articles. But it would be accepted without since it is a list of products.
  3. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    Indeed, in lists articles are usually left out.

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  4. annt Member

    English UK
    I'm translating an advertising flyer that has a list of products at the bottom. they look like this in English:

    screws, nails, hand tools, lubricant etc.

    In French would you use the definite article to list them in this way?
  5. Blancheneige

    Blancheneige Senior Member

    Lac Léman, Switzerland
    Switzerland - French
    No, there would be no articles in such a list. (vis, clous, etc...)
  6. shr3kky Member

    bangladesh, bengali
    Hiya everyone!

    This sentence possibly needs some articles, but I am not too sure.:confused:Could anyone please help out and also enlighten me on the rule for this sort of situation? Thank you très très much. My suspicion of where the article lies is underlined red.

    Les developpments possibles a MK dans l'avenir proche incluent le Hub, qui sera un developpment de etages de xxxbureau,xxxhotels, xxxvente au detail, xxxcafes, xxxbars/restaurants et xxxappartements ainsi qu'une nouvelle ecole (Milton Keynes Academy) et les nouvelles maisons.

    Merci xx :)
  7. KaRiNe_Fr

    KaRiNe_Fr Senior Member

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    Jello shr3kky,

    It works also without articles here, as it's an enumeration.
    « Demain je vais faire les soldes pour m'acheter chaussures, robes, vestes et chemises. »
  8. Bijou58 Member

    UK English
    I am having trouble when I want to list several things in a sentence
    for example I want to say:

    On a l’accès aux programmes d’information (des informations?), (du/de) cinéma, (de/des) sportives, fiction, (de la/de) jeunesse, (de la/de) musique

    or can I simply say cinéma, sportives, fictions etc?

    Also is on a l'accès a correct when talking about TV or internet?

    Thanks for your help

  9. GrammarFreak

    GrammarFreak Senior Member

    Geneva, Switzerland
    French (France) - English (Australia)
    You'd rather say "on a accès...".

    Listing things without articles at all sounds better to me.

    "On a accès aux programmes cinéma, sport, fiction, jeunesse, musique..."

    I don't really know what you mean by 'programme d'information' though.
  10. Bijou58 Member

    UK English
    i meant news, weather, current affairs - how would I describe that sort of programme?
  11. GrammarFreak

    GrammarFreak Senior Member

    Geneva, Switzerland
    French (France) - English (Australia)
    Are you trying to list a brochure or booklet's programmes/activities? I would say something like:

    "On a accès aux programmes cinéma, sport, fiction, jeunesse, musique et autres informations utiles."
  12. thec00l1 Senior Member

    Articles/déterminants in French always confuse me. I never know when to use them or not. Should I use them in the French sentence? At present I've simply listed the nouns without articles, is this correct?
    Original: After analysing her customer's habits, Antionette decides to concentrate on promoting cookies, carnations, cashews, and stuffed rabbits.
    My try: Après avoir analysé les habitudes de ses clientes, Antionette décide de se concentrer sur promouvoir cookies, œillets, cajous, et lapins en peluche.
  13. amoureuse New Member

    Hi I need some help with listing in French. Do you always need to use definite articles when listing eg. j'etude les relations internationales, le francais et l'histoire de l'art or can you just say j'etude les relations internationales, francais et histoire de l'art??
  14. Maître Capello

    Maître Capello Mod et ratures

    Suisse romande
    French – Switzerland
    Welcome to the forums, Amoureuse! :)

    You have to use each article:

    J'étudie les relations internationales, le français et l'histoire de l'art.

    :idea: PS: Accents are compulsory in French. If you don't know how to type them, please have a look at this sticky.
  15. lynnedn New Member

    Bonjour. When you have a series of items, does the article need to be repeated?

    Il y avait des poissons, crustacés, gibier, fruits, légumes et céréales, or

    Il y avait des poissons, des crustacés, du gibier, des fruits, des légumes et céréales ?

  16. Donaldos

    Donaldos Senior Member

    French - France
    It might be grammatically acceptable to use the article des only once if it applied to all the terms of the description but gibier is singular so it is not an option here.
  17. purplemonkey Member


    When you are listing things like "that shoe and shirt" do you have to put le/la in front of the words shoe and shirt?
    For ex. Is it better to say "J'aime les livres, les papiers et les crayons." or "J'aime les livres, papiers et crayons."

    Thanks in advance!
  18. Lacuzon

    Lacuzon Senior Member

    French - France

    Both are correct but to repeat is more common.
  19. BoRayTess New Member

    A. Quelque chose qui est objectif - une observation, une déclaration, une opinion, une conclusion de la recherche, etc... - or

    B. Quelque chose qui est objectif - une observation, déclaration, opinion, conclusion de la recherche, etc ...- and

    A. Une observation subjective, une déclaration, une opinion, ou des conclusions de la recherche... or

    B. Une observation subjective, déclaration, opinion, ou des conclusions de la recherche...

    Thank you.
  20. Philippides

    Philippides Senior Member

    Français - France

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