FR: on n’a plus le droit, (ni) d’avoir faim, (ni) d’avoir froid


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With all the little negative words together, I am always a bit confused. I wonder if you could help me with the correct translation of the following from the theme song of Les Enfoirés:

"Aujourd’hui, on n’a plus le droit, ni d’avoir faim ni d’avoir froid."

I think it means: Nowadays, we don't have any more right to hunger and cold. Is it?

Thank you!
  • patyl

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    Great! Thanks Lacuzon. And what if I remove the two "ni"s, will there be a change in meaning?

    ie. "Aujourd’hui, on n’a plus le droit d’avoir faim, d’avoir froid."

    Thanks again.
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