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    Adverbs of frequency such as parfois, quelquefois, souvent, toujours etc... are placed before or after the verb?

    Ses amies et moi mentons parfois au prof.
    Ses amies et moi parfois mentons au prof.

    I am inclined to place the adverb after the verb. Can they also be placed before and after the sentence?

    Parfois ses amies et moi, nous mentons au prof.
    Ses amies et moi, nous mentons au prof parfois.

    Are there any set rules?

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    The placement of such adverbs is quite free in English and it is also the case in French. The actual placement sometimes depends on a possible emphasis but it is usually only a matter of style.

    All your sentences are indeed possible, but it is usually most natural to place the adverb right after the verb, as per your own inclination. :)

    Ses amies et moi mentons parfois au professeur.

    That being said, if the adverb is at the start or end of the sentence, you should use a comma:

    Parfois, ses amies et moi mentons au professeur.
    Ses amies et moi mentons au professeur, parfois.

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