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    Do you always have to use 'a' after penser when you talking about thinking of doing something? I seem to hear french people often say things like:

    On pensait aller a la plage
    On pensait diner chez .....

    Or is the 'a' there but just not pronounced very strongly ?
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    Nope, you don't really need the à when penser is followed by an infinitive. In this case, penser almost takes on the meaning of "planning to". Hope this helps.
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    Supposing one wanted to say in response to "What are you thinking about?" - "à quoi penses-tu?"
    "I was thinking or even dreaming about eating/dancing/sleeping." But not meaning I'm planning to eat/dance/sleep, but I was literally thinking about the action of eating/dancing/sleeping!!!
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    Hi Trendywendy_41,

    You are right!


    There are 2 different meanings:
    > On pensait aller à la plage
    > On pensait dîner chez...
    These sentences are correct and they mean that we intended to...

    In these examples, "On pensait à aller à la plage" & "On pensait à dîner chez..." mean that we were just thinking of doing... at the exact moment (we had this in mind).


    - "il faut que je pense à poster ma lettre" is correct and means I don't want to forget...
    - "il faut que je pense poster ma lettre" is not correct because of "il faut que"
    - "je pense poster ma lettre demain matin" is correct and means I intend to do this (later).

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  6. Michelvar

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    Well, penser has a different meaning, so, yes, you can use "penser à" […].

    Il faut que je pense à offrir un cadeau à ma mère. […]

    See? Penser à offrir […].
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    You may say, Qu'est-ce que tu penses d'aller en Italie pour les vacances ? (which is short for Qu'est-ce que tu penses du fait d'aller en Italie pour les vacances ?)

    But penser de can also mean avoir l'idée de (see TLFi, s.v. penser, IV, B):
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