FR: peut-être que + indicatif

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In a French course I took while abroad, I seem to remember my professor explaining to us that there are cases in which "peut etre," when followed by "que" required the this true? In other words, if I say "peut etre qu'on arrive vers huit heures du soir" - does the verb "arriver" have to be in the subjunctive tense?

Many thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!
  • viera

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    No, the subjunctive is not used after peut-être.
    But maybe you are thinking of il se peut que which does require the subjunctive.
    Il se peut qu'il soit en retard.
    Il se peut qu'elle vienne la semaine prochaine.


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    Hi all, does peut-être have to be followed by the subjunctive, like in Spanish, or is it the indicative? Never been 100% sure!

    Sentence: Donc, peut-être l'avenir de la presse écrite n'est pas/ne soit pas menacé par la presse internet.

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