FR: popular with those from cold countries

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    Hey all.

    Want to say: (beach holidays) are popular especially with those from cold countries".

    Try: ".. sont spécialement populaires chez eux des pays froids".

    Is chez correct? or avec?

  2. Yendred Senior Member

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    "chez ceux des pays froids"
    or even better "chez les gens/habitants des pays froids"

    Also take care of the translation for especially: particulièrement would fit better than spécialement
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    merci beaucoup!

    l'aide pour vous aussi!

    "take care of"-c'est "s'occuper de"- "Remember to take care of the children".

    Ici, "take care when using...." ou "take care regarding...." serait mieux.

    Bonne chance! :)
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