FR: pour réussir qui l’entrée, qui le plat, qui le dessert

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    "Les chefs Potel et Chabot peuvent ainsi proposer jusqu’à 9 ateliers d’une douzaine de participants chacun qui se challengent et se surpassent pour réussir qui l’entrée, qui le plat de résistance, qui le dessert."

    My attempt... "Chefs Potel and Chabot are able to offer 9 workshops for a dozen participants, each expected to challenge and surpass themselves in succeeding for (?) entree, .. (?) , and dessert."

    I'm not familiar with qui followed by noun and no verbs...

    Translation needed for work, please help! Merci d'avance!
  2. arundhati Senior Member

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    It's really idiomatic, so really hard to translate literally.
    You could also say "... pour réussir l'un l’entrée, un autre le plat de résistance, un autre encore le dessert."
  3. geostan

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    Try using some...others. The qui is equivalent to certains and d'autres.

    I don't think "themselves" is the correct word, but rather "one another"

  4. lcarpent New Member

    Mille mercis!!

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