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Sorry the thread title looks a little complicated!

I've read that the more formal way of asking interrogative questions in French is to use inversion. "Pourquoi ne parlez-vous pas?"

What is the order with reflexive verbs? EG :

"Why didn't / don't you get up early?"
"Why didn't / don't you shave this morning?"
"Why can't / couldn't you dress yourself?"

I've put in present and past tense..hope that's not too greedy :)
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    So my next examples would be:

    Pourquoi ne vous razez-vous pas ce matin?
    Pourquoi ne vous êtes-vous pas razé ce matin?

    Pourquoi ne pouvez-vous pas (vous) or (se) habiller ?
    Pourquoi ne pouviez-vous pas (vous) or (se) habiller?

    Please help me understand better. Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum, Trendywendy 41 :).

    I've moved your thread to the grammar forum. The level of help given in this forum is high. We can help you to understand this topic but we can't help with "corrections", in the sense of giving you the answer if you have made a mistake. Good luck.
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