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    I am translating a quality control plan at the moment, and just want to learn how we translate an infinitive at the begining of the sentence in such translations. For example, do we translate an article like "Protect excavated areas by properly designed supporting" as "Protéger les zones excavées par systèmes d'appui bien conçus" ou "Protégez les zones excavées par systèmes d'appui bien conçus" ??

    Merci par avance
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    "Protégez" is a direct order; "protéger" is less aggressive. I think translating with the infinitive is a better choice here. (That being said, what kind of verb, really, is "protect" in English? Is it part of a list of things to do, or part of a summary of things that have been done, etc.?)

    You might want to re-write or re-word your sentence in both English and French though.
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    We need more context to make a determination. If the sentence occurs within a paragraph, it is most likely an imperative and should be so translated. If it is an item in a list, the infinitive might well be more appropriate. Only context will tell.
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    And "protéger" is neutral, it is like a title. Whereas "protégez" is a direct advice (or order), that you give to someone. If you want to start your sentence by "you would need to :
    1/protect ...
    2/protect ...

    use "protéger".

    If you explain something to someone step by step, you would use "protégez", like a recipe : "protect your hands ... then do this..."

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