FR: qu'est-ce qui s'est passé ?

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    Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'expliquer la raison qu'on utilise "qui" quand on dit "qu'est-ce qui s'est passé? Il me confondre qu'on ne utiliserait pas "que" au lieu de ça. Merci.
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    Hello finnevan. It's because the whole thing meaning "what" is the subject of the verb "se passer". If "what" functioned as the object, then "que" would be used: qu'est-ce que tu veux?.

    By the way, "question" is feminine ;).
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    Merci, et je m'excuse. J'étais fatigué ;)
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    Hi all, my question is not related to topic but i cant find a general discussion topic for little problems. :)

    So, im writing it down here:
    There are 4 kinds of asking types when we use "qui est ce" , right? But i dont know the main differences among them. I will be very pleased if you help me with clear examples. :)


    I think they are attached to subjects?

    ..... a tepehoné ce matin ? ( qui est ce qui ? )
    ..... tu dis? (quest ce que)
    ..... vous chercez, Karen? (Qui est ce qui)
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    I believe your question does relate to the thread. (Also, while I would expect this topic to have been treated elsewhere in WRF, I couldn't turn up any threads with a search.:() So here goes:

    With respect to the forms you present, the first part signals whether it is a thing or a person. The second signals whether the thing or person is the subject or object.
    Qui est-ce qui --Who (person) is it who (subject)
    Qui est-ce que --Who (person) is it whom (object)
    Qu'est-ce que --What (thing) is it which (object)
    Qu'est-ce qui --What (thing) is it which (subject)

    Qui est-ce qui vous a téléphoné ce matin ?
    Qu'est-ce que tu dis ?
    Qui est-ce que vous cherchez, Karen ?

    NOTE: there's no hyphen between "qui" and "est", nor between "ce" and "qui" or "que".
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    Thank you for your interest! Its a bit hard to learn french grammar if your native language is Turkish. :)
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