FR: réception d’une facture de cette dernière

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This is an agreement between a medical tourism company and an agent setting out terms for paying him commission. I was wondering how a French speaker would understand "
après réception d’une facture de cette dernière." What does it refer to in the sentence? Logically speaking, wouldn't it refer to the mandataire sending in a invoice to get paid his commission? Have I understood that right? Thanks for any input!

Context: Les commissions seront versées au mandataire une fois la prestation réalisée et soldée par le patient auprès de
XX. Les honoraires seront facturés conformément au planning de règlement des prestations par les patients.
Règlement par XX par virement bancaire avant le 30 de chaque mois, après réception d’une facture de cette dernière.
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    To be honnest, this sentence sounds weird to me too. Is there another sentence just before 'Règlement par [...]"? As you said, logically, it should refer to the mandataire. Is the name of the mandataire's company a feminine name? I'm having a hard time finding out for which feminine name de cette dernière stands. My guess is that's for the mandataire's company. Though, this name does not appear in the sentences you mentionned above. De cette dernière seems to be very far from the feminine name to which it refers.
    Hello, Lacuzon. Thanks for helping with this tricky one. No, there isn't another sentence before "Règlement par" I don't know the name of the mandataire's company. As for the translation, would it be fairly safe to assume then that "après réception d’une facture de cette dernière" can be translated as upon receipt of an invoice from the agent (mandataire)?? Thanks!
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