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Hello there,
Just a quick question about whether I'm right to leave out the pronoun 'ils' in the bold phrase, as it's already been given in the first clause:

'Il préfère les produits laitiers et les légumes locaux parce qu’ils aident d’augmenter l’économie de sa région, et n’ont pas été transportés à travers tout le pays en camion.'

The same thing goes for 'locaux'- should I have repeated it or does my sentence make it clear that both the 'porduits laitiers' and 'légumes' are local?

Feel free to correct any other parts of the sentence if they sound wrong!

x Kate
  • cillou

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    "ils aident à augmenter l'économie" doesn't seem right. your sentence makes people think that the vegetables help the economy whereas it is buying those vegetables that helps. Plus augmenter l'économie isn't said.
    so i would rather write :
    car ce geste / cette démarche soutient (support) l'économie régionale, et évite ainsi un transport par camion à travers tout le pays
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