FR: s'en aller - rôle de "en"

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    Je pense qu'il n'y a pas de raison grammaticale. C'est juste une expression.
    On pourrait également se poser la question sur la présence du pronom réfléchi.


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    I also struggled with the meaning of "en" in this verbal phrase. If this would help--not sure it will: "S'en aller" means to Go Out Of a place. Have you ever heard the song "Dominique" by the Singing Nun?

    "Dominique, -nique, -nique, s'en allait tout simplement..."

    Since "de" replaces all prepositions except "to," to think of "en" as signifying "out of" might--might--help. Hope so!


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    I'm currently reading Le Petit Prince in French and I came across this sentence: "Il y a six ans déjà que mon ami s'en est allé avec son mouton." I understand that it is saying it has already been six years since my friend went with his sheep but was wondering

    1) what the "en" in this sentence refers to/does grammatically (I understand "J'en ai six" as I have six of them but don't understand the "en" in this context)?
    2) would it be incorrect to write this sentence without the "en" (Il y a six ans déjà que mon ami s'est allé avec son mouton)?

    Thank you for your help! Merci pour votre aide :)