FR: s'exercer à parler - préposition

Mahmudur Rahman Fahim

il devrait s'exercer à parler français

Why in this sentence between the verb se exercer and parler came the preposition à?

I've heard that when two verbs comes together in french, only the first verb conjugated and second verb keeps in Infinitive form. So why between se exercer and parler comes à. What's the reason behind it?
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  • Mahmudur Rahman Fahim

    No, I'm trying to know that why between the verb s'exercer and the verb parler comes preposition à?

    For example:
    Il peut s'exercer à parler fransais?
    So in this sentence already the verb pouvoir is conjugated and the rest of verb are in Infinitive form which is totally correct. But why the preposition à comes between s'exercer and parler? What's the reason behind it

    Why not
    il peut s'exercer parler français


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    Hi Mahmudur,


    Different verbs use different prepositions, this is true in English as in French. "S'exercer" takes the preposition "à" to introduce another verb. Just like how you "speak to" or "dance with" or "yell at" someone in English. You can get a feel for what prepositions are appropriate, but there is no "why".


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    If 'exercer' is a transitive verb, the pronominal form 's'exercer' is always used with a preposition, 's'exercer à'. You can sometimes come across 's'exercer pour', but I think you might better use 's'entraîner pour'.