FR: s'habiller en noir - rôle de "en"


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hello! so we all know that "en" is used in a sentence like, "j'en veux plus," where "en" is the COI with the proposition "de." however, sometimes i see en being used in other manners, such as "je m'habille en noir." i've seen other examples of "en" being used to describe things. what would you call this? i wanna look more into this and how to use "en" because it seems to be used very often in the French language. merci à l'avance ! 👍
  • You should indeed not confuse preposition en (usually translated as "in" in English, e.g., en noir = "in black") with pronoun en (usually translated as "any", "some", "of it/them" or just omitted in English depending on context, e.g., J'en veux plus = "I want more [of it]").
    Yes, no worries. I was just trying to figure out the other uses of "en" outside of it being a preposition.
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