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  1. earthmerlin Senior Member

    Bonjour. I've got a kid's book with a female Yeti chasing the main character around the world. She appears in each illustration & I'd like to say, 'She's still chasing him'. Would that be, 'Elle lui toujours poursuit'? I'm unsure of the placement of 'lui' & 'toujours'. Merci.
  2. newg

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    Hello :)

    Do you want to say still or always? Because if you want to say still, then it can't be translated by toujours.

    I suggest:

    Elle le poursuit encore.

    Le and not lui because 'poursuivre quelqu'un' is a transitive verb.

    If you want to add the notion of present continuous that you give in your example, you could also say:

    Elle est encore en train de le poursuivre.
  3. BATEAUsurL'EAU New Member

    I don't agree with you! I think we can say "toujours" to translate "still", "toujours" has several maenings... For exemple we can say "je l'aime toujours", it means "I still love him/her"...
  4. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    elle continue à le poursuivre
    elle continue à lui courir après
  5. newg

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    I agree with you; but I only meant in this particular context.
  6. Maître Capello

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    I agree with BATEAUsurL'EAU: toujours can definitely be used to mean "still," including in this particular context. See also the thread toujours (still or always?).

    Elle le poursuit toujours. / Elle le poursuit encore.
    Elle est toujours en train de le poursuivre. / Elle est encore en train de le poursuivre.

    Anyway, EarthMerlin, regarding the adverb placement, you may want to have a look at the following threads:
    FR: toujours - place de l'adverbe
    FR: encore - place de l'adverbe
  7. newg

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    London, UK
    To mean it sounds ambiguous; I would use encore for the sake of clarity.


    By the way, earthmelin mentions that it's a kid's book and that the female Yeti appears in each illustration. Basically, when you go on to the next page, the female Yeti is still chasing the main character.

    I can never imagine myself say to a kid:

    'Oh regarde, elle le poursuit toujours !'

    In this case, I would say:

    'Oh regarde, elle le poursuit encore !'
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  8. Maître Capello

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    Oh, I don't deny that toujours is ambiguous. But it is definitely possible. :)
  9. Oddmania

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with toujours. Actually, I'd say Elle est toujours à sa poursuite. The word encore is just as ambiguous: it could mean again too (in other words, she stopped chasing him and now she's started again).

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