FR: si on en est arrivé là

Paul W

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Bonjour à tous,

I came across this sentence below.

"Si on en est arrivé là, c’est notamment parce que les Québécois sont « plus sorteux » qu’avant, ..."

I wonder what "si on en est arrivé là, c'est notamment parce que" means, and also the usage of "en" in this case.

I do know there are several different reasons for using "en", mostly meaning "de + xxx (things/place...)". But I have no idea why "en" appears here.

Merci d'avance!
  • Maître Capello

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    In this case the pronoun en is difficult to analyse as it doesn't refer to anything precise. You should just consider it to be part of the idiomatic phrase en arriver + some place (concrete or conceptual).