FR: Sois muette, sois sombre

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    I'm doing a subjunctive grammar project and I have to find and explain uses of the subjunctive in authentic French texts.

    I've found this from Baudelaire: Sois muette, sois sombre

    Does this mean "be you dumb/blank, be you sombre"? and is it used just because this is a set phrase which uses the subjunctive? I think it's just the tu form of the phrase soit.. soit..

    Thanks for any help

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    > Sois muette, sois sombre

    They are imperatives. There is no 'tu' form of soit... soit... because soit in this structure is a conjunction and not a verb.
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    If you need to find uses of the subjunctive on the net, try searching with "qu'il soit", "que je sois", "que nous soyons" (etc.); the results will not bring up imperatives (sois! soyez!)l

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