1. glpixie New Member

    I would like to say:
    "Many people, some of which had travelled from far and (had) arrived by bus, gathered in the capital"

    Would this be the best translation?? I wasn't sure how to word "some of which"
    Plusieurs personnes, dont quelqu’un étaient venues de loin […].

    Thanks so much!!
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  2. Maître Capello

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    Hello glpixie and welcome! :)

    Quelqu'un means "someone." It is therefore not appropriate here. Moreover, personnes is feminine. Hence you should say:

    dont quelques-unes étaient venues de loin
  3. glpixie New Member

    Thank you! Also I was wondering if I used the past tense correctly??

    "Plusieurs personnes, dont quelques-unes étaient venus de loin et étaient arrivé par autobus, se sont rassemblées dans le capital."
  4. SwissPete

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    You could also say: « Plusieurs personnes, dont certaines ... ».

    PS: venues, arrivées, la capitale.
  5. glpixie New Member

    Thank you!!

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