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Can I infer that when an infinitive is used as the subject and therefore as a noun, that the following sentence would be correct:

"Nager c'est meilleur que courir"

Where the comparative "meilleur" acts as an adjective to "nager" as a noun...and not as an adverb to "nager" as a verb (in which case, the sentence would be "Nager c'est mieux que courir.").
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    We wouldn't use meilleur in this case, unless you want to say for instance that it is better for your health: nager, c'est meilleur pour la santé que de courir.
    But without a specific complement, we would use mieux: nager, c'est mieux que courir.
    Meilleur is the comparative of good (when it means good to eat / good as a benefit), whereas mieux is the comparative of well or for the other meanings of good.
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