FR: That's the biggest tree


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Is there anybody who could please try to explain to me when to use c'est as opposed to il/elle est etc.

I always thought I understood when to use each one, but the piece of work I am doing has left me confused!

So if I was to say, that's the biggest tree
would it translate as. C'est le plus grand arbre?

thanks a lot :)
  • lmarfell

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    i'm unsure exactly.
    if i were translating "that's the biggest tree" i would say "c'est l'arbre plus grand", although if you were pointing at the same time i would say the use of voila would be helpful..


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    Il y a bien sûr des règles à propos de quand se servir de ces deux expressions. a un site web très informatif, mais je ne sais pas si on me permet de vous donner le lien puisqu'il constituerait peut-être un lien commercial. Allez-y, je sais qu'il y a des réponses à vos questions là-bas.



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    You can perfectly say : c'est le plus grand arbre (don't forget the liaison and pronounce : c'est le plus grand tarbre)

    "C'est l'arbre le plus grand" is correct as well.

    I didn't know "c'est" would be a problem for English speakers. To me it is the direct translation of "it's", whereas "il/elle est" is the translation of "he/she is". But of course there always are exceptions to confirm the rule ;)


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    thanks everyone

    I think I will stick to c'est le plus grand arbre, although I was only using it as an example to try to understand the difference! The '' site has proved to be very helpful!

    thanks again! :)