FR: The 10th is the Thursday

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  1. dj20b22 New Member

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    I was given a date which was wrong, so I had to respond and ask for confirmation. What I wanted to say was:

    The 10th is the Thursday, not Wednesday.

    Not being sure I just wrote 'est-ce que vous pouvez vérifier la date'? But it's been bugging me. Could I simply have said:

    Le 10 est jeudi, pas mecredi?

  2. DearPrudence

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    Hi dj20b22 and welcome to the forums :)

    I would say:
    "Le 10, c'est (bien) le jeudi, pas le mercredi."
  3. dj20b22 New Member

    English - Canada
    Thanks very much! :)
  4. Maître Capello

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    I would rather use an indefinite article as far as I'm concerned.

    Le 10, c'est un jeudi, pas un mercredi.
  5. dj20b22 New Member

    English - Canada
    Good to know! I could've used either article in English too and both would be correct; the Thursday or a Thursday.

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