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Les agents de police ont-ils trouvé le cadavre dans la cave?

I must answer this question using personal pronouns.

Is it possible to say: "Oui, ils l'y ont trouvé"

I guess I'm getting confused because there is the 'dans la cave' part which I am trying to replace with 'y'

Can it be done? Or should I ignore it and just say:

"Oui, ils l'ont trouvé dans la cave"? or "Oui, ils l'ont trouvé là"?

Many thanks in advance.
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    Both of your suggestions are indeed correct from a pure grammatical standpoint. In other words, they would be correct for your exercise, but a native would probably find a workaround in speech because l'y doesn't sound nice. Also, we usually use là-bas rather than just to mean “there.”

    Oui, ils l'y ont trouvé.
    Oui, ils l'ont trouvé là.
    Oui, ils l'ont trouvé là-bas.
    Oui, c'est là-bas qu'ils l'ont trouvé. (most idiomatic)


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    Can we say 'j'y étais' as well as j'étais là ? Why does j'étais là not have the y which i thought was mandatory when talking about location ?

    Peter Lost in french

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    Hi everyone i hope someone can advise me to the best way to say
    "Although i arrived there early ( place already mentioned ) there was already a queue."

    1 .Bien que j'y sois arrivé tôt, il 'y avait déjà une file d'attente.
    2. Bien que j' sois arrivé tôt là-bas il 'y avait déjà une file d'attente.

    Neither seem right to me but there again i am only a beginner and what i know
    is very limited.

    David Michael

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    Je pense que la première option est bien, puisque, le lieu a été mentionné
    "Bien que j'y sois arrivé…"
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    "Bien que j'sois arrivé..." is spoken language.
    In written language, the elision never occurs before a consonant: Bien que je sois arrivé...