FR: they had already fallen asleep


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Quand il est arrive , ils s'avaient deja endormi

I am writing a fairy tale for class, and need to include three examples of plus-que-parfait. This is one of my examples and I was wondering if I worded it correctly with the reflexive, s'endormir. A quick answer would be much appreciated!
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    Welcome, Dotdo. :)

    It sounds like you're trying to say, "When he arrived, they had already fallen asleep."

    Although the basic idea of using the PQP ("had fallen asleep") here is fine, I'm afraid there are a few problems with your sentence. We can't just proofread/correct everything for you, but I can definitely give you some pointers to put you on the right track.

    - please add in the missing accents! They're absolutely essential. Click here for help typing them.
    - reflexive verbs use être for the auxiliary, not avoir

    Does that help?


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    Yes, thank you! I knew to add the accents but just didn't know how yet. :)
    And yes, I had forgotten to use être, which is very important. Thank you for the quick and helpful response!
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