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    "Les Hirondelles de Kaboul" (titre de roman) parlent de...
    "Les Hirondelles de Kaboul" parle de...

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    Comme tu parles en fait du livre/roman Les Hirondelles de Kaboul, il faut faire l'accord sylleptique :

    Les Hirondelles de Kaboul parle de…

    D'ailleurs, les hirondelles ne parlent pas ! :p
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    Expo 58 is the name of a recent novel by Jonathan Coe. The title refers to a world fair of that name that took place in Brussels in 1958.

    A review in the Guardian includes this sentence:

    Expo 58
    … is as compelling as it is entertaining.

    In translating this sentence, should I treat Expo 58 as masculine (agreeing with titre or roman) or feminine (agreeing with exposition). That is,

    Expo 58 … est aussi irrésistible qu'amusant.
    … qu'amusante

    Or are both of these acceptable?
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    The former. The title itself represents le roman or le livre by ellipsis, but not le titre. You're not saying that the title itself is irresistable and amusing. :)

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    Thank you, Jann.

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