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    Hi again.

    The context is: someone is asking for the way. After describing the way, the inquiree says, you can follow me. I am going to the same street - Vous pouvez me suivre. Je vais dans la même rue.

    But it seems to me that "à la même rue" sounds more natural as the street is taken as a destination here. It's not like "I am walking in the street."

    Pouvez vous m'indiquer? Merci d'avance.
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    This is why you are confused. :)

    A street is a long thing. Geometrically, it's a line and not a point. So it is not usually a destination in and of itself (although the intersection of two streets could be a destination). The person's destination is probably a particular address on/in that street (notice that we say "on" or "in" in English, and not "at"). It's also possible that the person will simply pass down that street on the way to his final destination.

    If the person were in fact going to the same building, he might reply Vous pouvez me suivre ; je vais à la même adresse. But when he says Je vais dans la même rue, he just means that he will be in the street in question on his way to his destination.
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    Very logical language indeed! Thanks again jann.
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