1. cathy_nole New Member

    son père est malade___mois .
    should I put "tout le mois" or "tout un mois" in the blanket?
  2. Benoît abroad

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    Hi Cathy_nole and welcome to the forum!

    We neither use "tout le mois" nor "tout un mois" in that expression. Without more context, I personaly think you should use "depuis" which gives an idea of length of time.

    So the whole sentence would be "son père est malade depuis x mois".


    Godd luck!!
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  3. Maître Capello

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    In your example you should definitely fill the blank with depuis un mois because the verb is in the present.

    Son père est malade tout le/un mois. :cross:
    Son père est malade depuis un mois. :tick:

    If it were in the passé composé, both tout le/un mois would be possible depending on what you want to say.

    Son père a été malade tout le/un mois. :tick:

    Tout le mois would mean "the entire month," hence referring to a specific month known from context (may be a past, present, or future month). On the other hand, tout un mois would mean "an entire month," hence referring to the duration itself, without referring to any month in particular.
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  4. pacadansc Senior Member

    ou bien :

    Son père a été malade pendant tout un mois.

    Son père a été malade pendant tout le mois de novembre.

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