FR: un des grands arbres qui + singulier / pluriel

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  1. kipcc New Member

    In class I had to fill in the blank for this sentence:

    Hélas, j'ai heurté un des grands arbres qui (border) ______ la rue.

    I thought it should be "bordait" because it was "one" of the trees. However, my teacher says it should be "boradaient" because it is referring to the group of trees. What do you think?
  2. Maître Capello

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    Your teacher is right: it should be bordaient because all those trees are lining the street.
  3. kipcc New Member

    Hmm maybe I need to brush up on my English. When I translate it, I feel like the sentence would be referring to that one tree that she hit, not the group of trees. But hey that's why I'm the student, right? lol
  4. Mme Machin Senior Member

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    I agree with MC and your teacher . . .

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