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To create a book about l'ABC des animaux, would you write the animals with
Articles défini or indéfini in front?

For example: un flamant rose or le flamant rose ?

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    In a title, a generalization, yes we use "le flamant rose". ("le flamant rose, sa vie, ses moeurs..." for example)


    The appropriate article really depends on full context, which you haven't provided. In what sentence do you intend to use flamant rose?
    Hi, It's not in a sentence, it's just for a poster with the alphabet and for the letter "F" I depict un/le flamant rose. I could just say 'flamant rose' but it's better to add whether it is a feminine or masculine name, hence why I wonder if I should say le or un flamant rose...

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    In that case I'd rather use the indefinite article, for two reasons:
    1. You depict a flamingo, not "the" flamingo. To describe it, you'd say, C'est un flamant rose, not, C'est le flamant rose.
    2. The indefinite article always shows a clear gender even before a vowel as it never gets elided, unlike the definite article (e.g., if for letter A you depict a bee (abeille), it would read une abeille and not l'abeille, where you can't know the gender).
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    ok, you're right. Especially for argument nr 2 , it is preferable to use the indefinite article. :thumbsup:
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