FR: verbes d'état + participe passé en adjectif

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    bonjour. J'ai une question. Est-ce qu'on dois faire l'accorde seulement avec les verbes comme: fermer, ouvrir, rester, demurer, devenir...etc, quand un phrase a "etre" pour l'auxilliaire??

    Par exemple: La porte est fermee.

    are there any more "common" verbs that follow the same rule?
  2. charlie2 Senior Member

    "fermée" in your example is the past participle of "fermer" acting as an adjective. Therefore, if I am not mistaken, "est" is not really an auxillary in your example.
    On the other hand, when we form the passé composé of a verb, the question of être being an auxillary will become relevant. For a way to remember which verbs take être, please see Mrs Vandertramp .:)
    In both cases (past participle acting as an adjective and the passé composé), we have to pay attention to the gender of the subject of the sentence.

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