1. tatoearashiga Senior Member

    How can I translate this in french with the subject-verb inversion?

    Let us say the proper noun is Bob.

    My attempts:

    Que veut Bob? (I copied the structure from : ''Que veut ton voisin?'')
    Que Bob veut-il? ( I think it is the same structure in the book I have: ''Avec qui Daniel a-t-il dansé'')

    Are both possible and correct?
  2. radagasty Senior Member

    Cambridge, UK
    Australia, Cantonese
    > Que veut Bob?

    This is fine.

    > Que Bob veut-il?

    Grammatically, this is correct, but sounds a little unusual and is not much used in everyday conversation.
  3. Fred_C

    Fred_C Senior Member

    This is true.
    This structure is generally avoided when the question word is just «que». (object pronoun, that is.)
    For any other questions (avec qui, avec quoi, pourquoi, quand)... The structure is more common.
  4. CapnPrep Senior Member

  5. tatoearashiga Senior Member

    Thank you to all responses

    I will take note of that. Merci .
  6. tatoearashiga Senior Member

    It just came to me. I have a related question.

    In the sentence : ''Avec qui Daniel a-t-il dansé?'' , if i wanted to turn it into est-ce que form, does the inversion remain?

    like this : Avec qui est-ce que Daniel a-t-il dansé ?
  7. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Not quite; you don't use inversion with est-ce que questions (because est-ce que already contains an inversion). :)

    --> Avec qui est-ce que Daniel a dansé ?

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