FR: Where had the priest got his muscles?

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    Hi, I'm trying to translate:
    Where had the priest got his muscles?

    Firstly, would it be necessary to say D'où?
    D'où le prêtre...

    Then to form the question in a literary style would this be correct?

    D'où le prêtre avait-il obtenu ses muscles?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Oddmania

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    I think adding de (d'où) doesn't sound right. Let's simply say Où le prêtre avait-il obtenu ses muscles ? :)

    I think saying D' would amount to saying Where had he got his muscles from? in English. But even if that sentence could sound correct in English (?), it doesn't in French.

    Anyway, basically your sentence is correct but may sound a bit awkward. Get is a very common verb in English but obtenir is not as used in French. Obtenir really sounds like the priest had been somewhere and taken muscles.

    Perhaps Comment le prêtre s'était-il fait de tels muscles ? , or Comment le prêtre s'était-il débrouillé pour avoir de tels muscles ? (I prefer the latter).
  3. Maître Capello

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    I agree with Oddmania and I like his last suggestion. Alternatively:

    Comment le prêtre avait-il fait pour avoir tous ces muscles?

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