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    I'm giving a summary of what we were taught in our French lesson and I wish to say - " Here are the grammar points which we discussed in our last lesson"...

    Im not sure about the use of the word "which", i've always been confused with when to use "qui" or maybe "dont"??

    My try would be - "Voici les points de grammaires dont nous avons discuté dans notre dernière leçon "

    Help please!!

    Thanks in advance!
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    "Voici les points de grammaire dont nous avons discuté dans notre dernière leçon" --> Excellent!

    You can either say: "Voici les points de grammaire qui ont été discutés dans notre dernière leçon"
    but the first one is more usual.

    In the first sentence, dont is complement. It stands for "nous avons discuté des points de grammaire".
    In the second sentence, qui is subject. It stands for "les points de grammaire ont été discutés".
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    Since discuter de means to discuss, then dont is the correct relative pronoun. But there are many threads on relative pronouns. You should check them out.
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    Merci beaucoup!

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