FR: Who is the better actor?

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Bonjour :)

I would like to know how I can say in French:

Who is the better actor?

Context: It's a choice between two actors, but I don't want to use their names as a comparison (meilleur que), because they were mentioned before. I am not asking for the best, that's what it makes a bit difficult for me.

Suggestion: Qui est l'acteur meilleur? (but that sounds so weird to me)

But: Qui est le meilleur acteur?
Means: Who is the best actor?, doesn't it?

Hope you can help me to get it clear :)
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    In English, the comparative is used when comparing only two people or things. In French we still use the superlative.

    Who is the better actor? (of two) = Qui est le meilleur acteur ?
    Who is the best actor? (of three or more) = Qui est le meilleur acteur ?


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    What exactly is "tricky" about using the same word whether you are comparing three people or just two?

    If anything having two different words seems unnecessarily complicated.
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