1. loujm New Member

    HI - I recently had to do a grammar presentation and test on it for a french class
    one of the questions I posed was to fill in the blanks....
    Question: Il m'encourage à essayer?
    Il m'____ encourage
    Possible answers:
    1 en
    2 y
    3 neither

    now i thought that the answer was (3) neither as i thought neither en and y can be used in this instance but one of my student who is native french said you can use Y
    can someone please help as i want to make sure that I am teaching correctly!!
  2. Oddmania

    Oddmania Senior Member


    The pronoun y can stand for any complement introduced by à. Thus, it's perfectly correct with encourager quelqu'un à essayer : il m'y encourage.
    You could also say Il m'encourage, but you then you wouldn't specify anything. It's much like He encourages me to do so and He encourages me (period).
  3. CapnPrep Senior Member

    That is not quite true for infinitival complements. Try it with commencer à or hésiter à, for example. And see the following thread for further discussion:
    FR: y remplaçant un verbe

    But y is possible with encourager because you can actually say encourager qqn à qch, with a nominal complement. For example, from the TLFi: Il [Churchill] nous encourage à la lutte pour la paix (L'Humanité, 1952). So, Churchill nous y encourage.

    Welcome to WRF, loujm!
  4. Oddmania

    Oddmania Senior Member

    Indeed! In my mind, complements could only be nouns (or nominal groups), but they can also be verbs, in which case y can't be used.
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