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    I've been trying to translate "you did not miss a thing / anything" and the best I could come up with is "Tu n'a rien manqué"

    I'm confused if it should be the other way round "Rien ne t'a manqué?"

    Thanks !
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    This sentence is very actually interesting since, at least from a theoretical point of view, it could be understood in two most different ways.

    :tick:"Tu n'as rien manqué." (i.e. your own translation, which is just fine)

    "Rien (aucune chose) ne te manquait.":cross:

    Yet the latter would not make any actual sense here, and only the former should therefore be considered.
    But both meanings could have been possible there, which tells how important context may be!
  3. Oddmania

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    .....Tu n'as rien manqué
    OR raté OR loupé → "You didn't miss (out on) anything".
    .....Rien ne t'a manqué → "You didn't lack (for) anything, you didn't run short OR out of anything".

    Note that neither rater nor louper would work in the second sentence. They mean either 1. to miss (to miss a bus, a train, a deal, but not to miss a friend) or 2. to miss out on something. Not to lack or to run out of something.
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  4. francosaurus

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    India - Hinglish
    Yes, you are right! The context here is that a girl tells her friend that she has never met this person. The friend replies that she should not worry, she hasn;t missed a thing.
    "Tu n'as rien manqué"

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