Fragapane Phobia

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    Fragapane phobia is the fear of celebrating one's own birthday. (I attempted to include a link to Urban Dictionary, but as a new member, my attempt to do so was blocked - Google it.)

    I'm interested to know how the word fragapane became associated with this phobia, but I cannot find it in any dictionary. What is the root of this word?

    I orginally posted this in the English forum, and received this helpful reply:

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    There seem to be two questions here:
    (1) What is the origin of 'fragapane'?
    (2) How did 'fragapane' come to be associated with 'birthday phobia'?

    (1) is a question of English etymology. The original word is frangipani. According to Chambers English Dictionary (1990) this is the name of the red jasmine plant, or the perfume made from it. Frangipani was the name of the inventor of that perfume. Frangipani also means 'a pastry-cake filled with cream, almonds and sugar'.

    (2) is a question of English usage. The Urban Dictionary is about slang, especially the newest street slang or internet chat. It is not a reliable source of good English usage.
    The idea that there is such a thing as a 'birthday phobia' is typical of adolescent chat. Perhaps in some places frangipani cakes are common at birthday parties.

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