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fragilisation = embrittlement

Stress relief cracking during high-temperature service is essentially grain boundary embrittlement due to carbide precipitation.

The word embrittlement is missing.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. It doesn't look like that translation will work with the senses we currently have on the French side - at least, not judging by the example sentences. I'll forward this to our FR base to see if they would like to make any edits.

    @Lacuzon - ajouter une phrase ou un sens plus littéral ?

    Kelly B

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    It applies for bones, too, where we do have the relevant adjective in the reverse direction:
    brittle adj (hard but breaks easily) cassant, fragile adj
    The doctor said that Alan had brittle bones.
    Le docteur a dit qu'Allan avait les os fragiles.

    Edit - that said, the fact that we don't have embrittle or embrittlement at all in that direction might be problematic...?