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The controlling idea (central idea or main idea) comes from the purpose and the subject. It gives readers a map of the essay's territory, a framework in which to interpret the specific material the essay will present. It gives writers a basis for decision-making: every sentence, every paragraph in the essay should be directly related to the controlling idea. In math terms, you might say:

Writer's Guide: Analyzing Tasks: What is the Controlling Idea?

Please explain to me the grammatical form and function of "in which" and use of simple future tense in "the essay will present"

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    A "framework in which to interpret" something is a framework that you want to "be in" so that you can interpret the thing effectively. To "be in" a framework here means something like "to organize your thoughts according to the structures presented by the framework."

    In terms of describing this grammatically, I believe the entire three-word phrase "in which to" would be considered a preposition. You may wish to see some other examples of such things.

    "This essay will present" uses a future tense because it is describing the portions of the essay the reader has "presumably" not yet read. This is somewhat of a style convention, carrying the tone of academic writing.


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    I don't believe so in this case; I think it has to be introducing a relative clause in order to be considered a relative pronoun. Here, it's just part of the preposition.
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