Français par déclaration d'acquisition souscrite le (une date)

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  1. palmedor13 New Member

    Dans le contexte de l'Etat civil, cette expression signifie quoi? Can someone help me with that? TKS.
  2. OLN

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  3. Glasguensis

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    It signifies that the person was not French at birth and acquired French nationality on the date provided, through a relationship with a French citizen (for example marriage).
  4. wildan1

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    In English we would say naturalized French citizen as of (date).
  5. palmedor13 New Member

    donc il s'agit d'une naturalisation. C'est confirmé. Merci beaucoup pour toutes vos explications ci-dessus.
  6. palmedor13 New Member

    très appréciée votre réponse. Merci.

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