Franc or the Franc?


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I just need a short anwer. Do you say 'Franc' or 'the Franc'?
ex: 'some people would like to go back to Franc/to the Franc'

In generally, do currencies have the article 'the'?

Thank you very much.
  • Kelly B

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    In this context, yes, I would use the article: some people would like to go back to (return to) the franc. I would not capitalize it. I would also be inclined to insert "French" in the sentence: either "French people" or the "French franc." On the other hand, that may unnecessary if it is already obvious from the rest of your text.

    When speaking of currency as a sort of entity, yes, it generally takes an article. (I admit I would not be surprised to see someone prove me wrong...)


    The "French franc" ought to be specified to avoid confusion with the Swiss currency. Either way the definite article is necessary - the currency of France used to be the franc.