France have yet to lose to Italy


In the end of the below---"who they have yet to lose to within the Six Nations."

that lines play on words--the pun? means--at this time as earlier time France is waithing to lose to Italy.

Is that true to you?

Thank your help.


2010 Six Nations Championship
The championship was contested by England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. France won the tournament, achieving a narrow final 12–10 victory over England to win the Grand Slam, their first since 2004 and ninth overall (including six in the Five Nations).[1][2] This was also their seventeenth outright victory, including twelve victories in the Five Nations, excluding eight titles shared with other countries. France also retained the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy by defeating Italy in the tournament, who they have yet to lose to within the Six Nations.
  • bepleased

    Hi ka,

    Is it possible that it is stressed France is too strong a team thus far has no lost?

    The writer used this way ---"have yet to lose to" ----to pun the great France are waiting to lose Italy.


    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    There is no pun here, bepleased. It is a straightforward use of the expression "have yet to [infinitive]", which means the same as "have not yet [verb]".

    I have yet to see the pyramids. I have not yet seen the pyramids. I have never seen the pyramids. At this point in my life, I have not seen the pyramids.

    All these sentences have the same meaning. They mean that while I might or might not see the pyramids at some point in the future, so far I have not seen them.
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